A common sensation

A common sensation

We could introduce Geneosophy in many ways. We could try to explain what Geneosophy is or how it can be used. To give you a sense of why Geneosophy is needed, we will instead describe a very common sensation. A sensation you experience when you observe the world.

When you observe an object, such as a rock, you feel like you understand it. You have a feeling that you can touch it and throw it, if it is not too heavy. If you are a geologist you might want to inspect its atomic structure. You would know how to do it. From your point of view you know the consequences of your actions on the rock. You understand how the rock will behave if you act on it. You also know how the rock behaves if a mechanisms acts on it. You even have models that allow you to predict its behaviour.

When you observe an organism you do not have the same feeling of complete understanding. The reason is that a lion behaves in unexpected ways. You do not know how and when a lion might attack you, although you generally expect it and shy away. If you are a biologist, you know some of the behaviours you can expect from bacteria. You know when to expect reproduction or when you can expect a certain antibiotic to kill them. But you still have a feeling that bacteria will behave in unexpected ways.

Why is it the case that the feeling of understanding you have about organisms is very different from that about rocks? It is because you cannot explain organisms based on what you see and you know. Yes, you tried modeling organisms the same way you model rocks, using logic, mathematics and programming. But something still escapes you. An organism develops unexpected behaviour, expresses creativity. There does not seem to be a rule, or many rules for that matter, that can explain it.

What is happening here? What is the fundamental difference between a rock and a bacterium?

Let's put it this way. Your understanding of the rock is satisfactory because you can always describe its behaviours given certain conditions. From your point of view you potentially possess all possible descriptions.

Your understanding of the bacterium is not satisfactory, on the other hand, because you do not possess all the possible descriptions of its behaviour. Why is that the case? It is because a bacterium develops its behaviour from its point of view, based on its own knowledge.

Think about it for a moment. You possess all potential explanations for a rock, but you do not for a bacterium. From your point of view, something about a bacterium is fundamentally different from a rock.

You might say at this point. Yes sure, a bacterium is alive, while a rock is not. That is the difference. And you are right. Life, intelligence, creativity, agency and other similar concepts are all related and mysterious to us. You instinctively know when something is alive, but you do not have a definite description of life.

Why is that? Because if you had a description of life, you could predict an organism’s behaviour from your point of view. But you cannot, as we said before. So, something related to life is different. And the traditional descriptions from our point of view cannot help.

Geneosophy is about recognizing this and developing the tools to describe organisms. But with a huge caveat. You cannot apply Geneosophy before you analyze yourself in Geneosophic terms.

Why is that the case? Because you must analyze what the concept of an object or an organism means for you. What observing means for you. What understanding means for you. What descriptions or behaviour mean for you. What knowledge in a Geneosophic sense means for you.

This is the first time in the history of humanity that something like this happens. Physics does not require you to re-conceptualise yourself. It may take years of study for you to be able to use physics, but never, during those years, were you required to understand what knowledge, object and description mean. You take those for granted and learn how to apply the tools of the trade.

Not so with Geneosophy.

When you understand Geneosophy, you will be able to place mathematics, programming and science into a coherent context. We are not claiming that they are wrong, on the contrary. You will see how they fit into your knowledge and when you should use them.