The name

The name

Geneosophy is the answer to many questions, one being: how can an organism such as a human, interacting with its environment, generate its reality and its knowledge? Hence the name: “gennao” in ancient Greek means “to generate”,  “Sophia” means “knowledge.”

Traditionally, philosophy is supposed to answer such questions. Why then create a new name? What sets Geneosophy apart? We intend to show that Geneosophy is indeed a different field, and more fundamental.

To show the differences, we must utilize many examples, and make a number of comparisons to the current approaches. It will not be an easy journey, since numerous fundamental assumptions affecting all aspects of your thought processes and convictions must be debunked.

Understanding Geneosophy allows you to think about organisms, the world and yourself in a completely different way. It dissolves some of the mysteries and paradoxes of current philosophy and the sciences in a way that feels liberating, allowing you to explore your knowledge with new analytical and descriptive tools.